Tips on Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement is an important occasion. This is why you must get everything right when arranging for the same. Choosing an engagement ring is among the things to give importance. Buying a ring that is either too big or too small would be frustrating. To be on the safe side, it is important to research well and learn as much as you can before driving to the nearest jewelry store. Highlighted below are tips to help you make an informed decision.

Take note of shapes prior to making a decision. Since different people have different tastes regarding shape, it is essential to know what your partner likes. Round cuts remain the popular types of cuts, but you should not assume that your partner would love such a cut. Other popular cuts include cushion and princess cuts. If your partner loves traditional types of rings, round would be the ideal choice. Princess cuts give a feminine air. If your partner loves to stand out, it is important to narrow down your search to cushion cuts.

You should factor in cut, color, clarity, and carat before making a decision. Each C is essential, meaning that you should balance the four prior to making a decision. Cut, for instance, is essential because it dictates how well a stone will sparkle each time it reflects light. An excellent cut guarantees maximum brilliance. The number of flaws present in a stone dictate its clarity. Color is graded from 'D' to 'Z', with D being colorless. Colorless stones are rarer, meaning that they are more expensive. Carat weight determines a stone's size. If your significant other prefers big stones, you should consider the same before contacting any dealer.  For further info, you can view here!

It is important to make a decision on setting as early as you can. A setting holds the gemstone in place, which highlights the stone's beauty and protects it from damage. Since different settings provide varying levels of protection, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the same prior to placing an order. The primary types of settings are halo, prong, and bezel. 

Consider cost before making a move. You should focus your search on affordable items. While price and quality go hand in hand, it would be a bad decision choosing a ring based on cost alone. Different dealers have different prices, meaning that researching on the same prior to placing an order is important. If you would be buying your ring online, it pays to ensure that the listed prices are accurate. Check this article on diamonds: